Penetrating the Indian real estate market with a vision for revolutionizing the sector with innovation and transparency, T&T is one of the most prominent real estate companies in the Delhi-NCR area.


  • Innovate to Inspire title

    Backed by the power of new-age developers who believe in innovation and tradition alike, T&T believes in deliverance on quality, uncompromised living at a convenient price point for all the sectors of society.

  • Invent to progress title

    Implementing an innovative, bold approach to our work and a personalized one to our public relations, we are inching closer to our goals every minute- driving towards excellence and building happy communities.

  • Instil to excel title

    We believe in providing our customers a one-of-a-kind, spacious, secure and positive community living experience, inculcating in them a sense of pride of ownership about their living space.

Built on values

In the pursuit of overall excellence, taking massive steps towards innovating the living experience, T&T follows a strict work ethic and works on providing a transparent dealing environment for its customers and a trustworthy one for its employees. Built on values, the T&T family is growing exponentially- building homes with one arm and building healthy relationships with customers, employees, clients, and associates with the other.

The Basic
pillars for
every t&t project

  • No land liabilities.
  • Starting projects after all the necessary approvals and bank funding to avoid hassle.
  • Landscaping consultants from all around the world for prime aesthetics.
  • Transparent communication approach with no hidden costs and information.
  • Personal connect managers for dedicated query, consultancy and analysis support.
  • An approach towards constructive social reform via raising the bar on traditional living spaces through an innovative building motif.

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